My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Wa

I purchased a motorcycle a couple months back from a private seller out of Vancouver Wa for $5,200. Before going to inspect the bike I asked some general questions. The main question being does the bike have a absolutely clean and clear title with no brands. He assured me several times that the bike did not have a salvaged title or any other type of brands. I decide to go look at the bike and it looks very clean. While I was inspecting it I ask him a couple times again if the bike has been salvaged or branded. He repeatedly assures me that it is completely clear. He brings the title out for me to look at and the first thing I do is look at the section labeled Brands. There is absolutely nothing in the section stating it is salvaged. When I go to my local DOL in Washington everything goes fine and I receive my new plate. When I got home i looked at the Vehicle Title Application/ Registration Certificate closely and under the title Brands, I see a date and a salvaged brand. I wait a few weeks and receive my Official Vehicle Certificate Title and the same thing shows up under the brand section. It is to my understanding that him lying to me about the brand is considered to breaking a verbal contract and possibly supplying me with a fraudulent title. My question is what the best course of action to take would be in this case? If I had any idea that the vehicle was branded I would never have bought it. For all I know I could be sitting on a ticking time bomb every time I go for a ride.

I appreciate your responses in advance. Thank you.