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    Exclamation Emancipation in Mississippi

    Hey I looked it up for MS says 21 uh duh were already like not a minor but my friends sister got emancipated in MS at 15. I've went back an forth between two aunts, my grandmother, an dad well we moved in with him last christmas an lived with him for about almost a year. It was hell always fightin then he lost the house an we(me an lil sis)moved in with my aunt.Dad an lil bro moved in with my grandmother. this has been for bout 7 months. now he has a permanent house and we have to move in tomorrow. we were at it again tonight while moven some stuff. I CANNOT handle this much longer. It aint simple stuff he gets along with my bro an sis. He has always referd me as the problem child.Oh yeah moms outa the picture and has been since i was 8 but she has tried takin us back to court but she did stuff to big bro an i will never trust her.Now heres my question...Theres this couple in there 50s that live about an hour from here ive stayed with them alot before dad knows an trusts them I wanted to see if I get emancipated could I reside there from now till i get on my own two feet.I'll b 16 next month. I still in school but grades are droppin I cant get all this of my mind. I dont know wat to do I just ready to give EVERYTHING up.

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    Where I dont know your states law on topic or if its even availalbe I do know that you are likely too young and NOT self supporting 100%

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Mississippi(please help!)

    Other than the limited emancipation described in this thread, relating to a minor's managing his or her own real estate, Mississippi does not appear to have an emancipation statute.

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    ok im new and i dont know how to post a thread so i replied to this one... i am 16 about to be seventeen and i have a job and a way of supporting myself and i want to move out. Would it work?

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    If you can 't even figure out how to post a new thread (when there is a big blue button that says, new thread) I suspect not.

    It takes more than having a job to be able to move out. It also takes parental consent and the ability to convince a judge that you are better equipped to raise yourself than your parents are.

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