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    Default How to Remove My Name from CheckSystems


    I have a bank account that is currently several hundred dollars negative. It was caused by a series of circumstances involving some other people using my card and mismanaging of funds on our part. Anyway, we take responsibly for things getting in this condition.

    The account will basically be negative permanently until they close it at the bank. I've researched it and I'm aware it will probably be sold to a debt collector who will try and collect on it and it will also be turned into the CheckSystem which will probably prevent me from getting bank accounts opened elsewhere in the future.

    I am going to file for bankruptcy this summer in order to get my financial situation under control. However, I don't want this bank account and CheckSystem blacklist hanging over my head forever and making it hard for me to work with banks.

    My question is, will the bankruptcy completely clear me of the CheckSystem blacklist and what can I expect from them? My prime priority after the bankruptcy would be to make sure this isn't on my record anymore.

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    Default Re: Removing Name from Checksystems

    No it will not clear you from the database.

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