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    Default Liability For Improperly Processed Check

    My question involves personal finance in the State of: Florida

    Short Version:
    So I wrote a check for my daughters lunch. It was returned for acct not found. I have had my acct for almost 20 years. Still do. My bank says it is the error of the depositing agency. The bottom 1/3 of check was folded over during scanning process. Therefore acct numbers not visible.

    Long version :

    The check was written in Oct. Daughter said oops lost check, never stopped payment- just didn't loose sleep over it. In mid nov receive letter from check redi. You have a returned check. Pay moneygram. My brain says yeah right, scam. Trash. Received another letter. Thought hmm. And called. Lady was insistent I wrote a check for NSF. Impossible I say. Then she says no you closed your account. I don't think so. She did give me a check #. I almost paid it thinking well... Who knows. But she said pay via moneygram. I found that odd. Told her I would do some research.

    Called my bank next day. No returned checks. Acct is in good standing. Look in checkbook. Note says void- lost. Chalked it up to a scam. Never heard another word from check redi. No phone call. No letter. Last week get letter from lawyer/collection agency. The Nice gentlemen says $230. For what? After I discussed what happened he offers to fax me check. Great. I receive copy of check. Two days later make it to my bank. The lovely helper says clearly it was processed incorrectly. She calls said gentleman who says not his problem and hung up on her.

    I follow up with school. Why wasn't I notified? They said they don't even know when checks are returned. Went to depositing bank. Got a "wow, that sucks" sorry bout your luck.

    I have tried doing research. Nothing out there about my rights. Should I pay the $230. Should I pursue it with the depositing agency? Bbb? Or get a lawyer and tell them to piss off?

    Most expensive kids lunch bill ever!

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    Default Re: Liability For Improperly Processed Check

    Should I pursue it with the depositing agency?
    You need to find out who was responsible for sending it to the collection agency, to have them call off the dogs. Things like this are usually handled on a district level, so you'll need to contact the appropriate district office. In my district, that's the Treasurer, but it may be called the Finance Director or something similar in your district.

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