My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Florida

My wife and I have been in Chapter 13 for three years. Paperwork we receive from the trustee says to send our tax returns to our attorney and it will be forwarded to the trustee by them. So the past three years that's what we have done.

Now get this, we talked to the attorney about filing an extension because my tax attorney files the whole family together. I was never told this wasn't allowed, I found out recently through research.

Fast forward to this year (third return) and they file a motion to dismiss because no return was submitted. We were pissed because we thought that is what the attorney was supposed to do. We turn them in to our attorney again who say they never got them (we have non-bounced emails to one of their addresses), and the trustee asks for our refund. With some aggravation we spend $500 to have it merged into our payment because we need it right now for our kids dentist bills. Suddenly after the adjustment we have the trustee asking for our 2010 and 2011 returns because they say they never got those. My wife and I are panicking now. We don't know what is going to happen. We don't think they will modify our payment much because I was unemployed, then employed, now unemployed again and my wife switched jobs twice and we moved to a new town. She makes a bit less than before. We know they are going to ask for our returns from those years because were a decent amount. We thought the trustee would request our returns, not that we had to send them in. Why were we never told this? Anyway I used those returns to pay back family money we owed them from before the BK, so I can get it back to pay the returns. My worry is the trustee will dismiss our case, or punish us in some way. Nothing was done maliciously by anyone, so I am hoping they say, pay up and its over. Is there anything else I should worry about?