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    Exclamation Panhandling With a Fraudulent Story

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    Hello, I have a friend who recently discovered her son has been panhandling with the story that his brother died and he is raising money for a funeral. He has a sign with a picture printed on it with a full name and date of birth and death. Apparently he has done it several times and plans to continue doing it. She is very worried what might happen to him if he continues to do this. What criminal charges could be expected if he is caught, and what is the likelihood of him getting busted?

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    He could go to jail. It very much is illegal and it only takes one duped person to file a complaint. He appears to be leaving quite an easy paper trail for the authorities to follow. 484 PC. Below a few thousand it's a misdemeanor (could spend a year in jail and/or a fine), higher, and he could be convicted of a felony with potential jail time of 2-3 years.

    There are other charges that may be laid on such as the aggressive panhandling statutes in many jurisdiction and if he is cooping some real person's identity he could also be charged under identity theft charges.

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