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    Default Pregnant From a New Relationship Before Divorce is Final

    I have a couple of questions but first let me give a little info to help with any answers I can get.

    I am legally married, my husband and I bought a piece of property in Missouri. I left Missouri four months ago and told him we need to get a divorce because we are not ment to be together. He agrees and we both just want to move on. He still lives there and I now live in NY. I still have a Missouri ID because it is complicated to get a NY ID..anyways, I am with another man and I am pregnant. Now for my questions.....

    1)will me being pregnant by another make our divorce more complicated and take longer?
    2)do I have to get a pregnancy test for the courts even though I know who the father is?
    3)should I have him file or should I and we both figure it would be easier to file in Missouri?
    4)when I have this child can I put the real fathers name on the birth certificate without problem even though I will still be legally married by another?
    5)Do I have to wait to file for divorce until after the birth of my child?
    6)will any of this not allow me to get Medicaid?
    7)will we have a court date we both have to show up for which would require me to go to Missouri?

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    Default Re: Pregnant From a New Relationship Before Divorce is Final

    1. Maybe.
    2. Whether or not the court will finalize all divorce proceedings without a DNA test disaffirming paternity will depend on the policies of the court and the position taken by your husband.
    3. One of you needs to file. If you want to file in New York, I suggest taking care of your ID.
    4. That depends on the outcome of the divorce proceedings and the state in which the child is born.
    5. See #2.
    6. Speak to somebody from the Medicaid office about your eligibility.
    7. At least one person is going to have to appear in court. If you don't intend to attend court proceedings it is generally best for your spouse to be the petitioner.

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