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    Hello, I'm Also very interested on how to obtain title to abandoned boats.
    I have located a 47 foot "hull" in a marina and the owner of the marina has told me that the owner has not paid for the dry dockage/storage for the past several years and that he has attempted to make contact w/ him in reference to the storage owed to no avail.
    At this time the marina owner is willing to GIVE me the boat and even launch it with his travel lift just to get rid of it!! It of couse is in extreme disrepair but the hull is sound and poses no safety risk to float at dock or anchor while a refit us undeway and engine repaired or replaced.
    Naturallty this is a great opportunity for me to obtain a large sailing craft hull at no cost.
    Of course the problem is getting title for it as I need title to register it in florida. it would be foolish for me to take posession of it (the boat) w/out title as I cannot register and use it.
    So, what is the proceedure to obtain a title in this situation?? time is of the essence as the marina owner wants the boat gone and is threatening to cut it up and discard it , their are thousands in storage against it that he knows he will never see. and is willing to launch it or give it to anyone willing to remove it. But, once again I am not willing to do either until I know what I need to do to get clear title or ownership of it. a timely response would be appreciated.

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    oops! i thought this was to get a quick reply!!

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    Quote Quoting JoeTheCobbler
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    oops! i thought this was to get a quick reply!!
    And you waited what? ONE whole minute? And still no reply? Man, can you beat that....

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    States typically have laws which permit storage facilities to impose liens on items (including titled property) they store, with procedures to sell the property in the event that it is abandoned by the owner. If the storage facility follows those procedures, it should be possible for a buyer to obtain title.

    Laws vary by state.

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