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    Default Can You Appeal the Revocation of a Protective Order

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Wisconsin
    I filed an harassment restraining order against my neighbor..I won an injunction against him for 4 years. he then filled for a de novo hearing..and the restraining order was cancelled.. can i appeal this decision? the first case was before a circuit court commissioner and the de novo was before a circuit court judge.

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    Default Re: Can I Appeal a De Novo Decision

    Yes, but you have to have some compelling error in the circuit court. Court of appeals isn't another de novo hearing. You have to have some appealable point. The time limit on filing an appeal is in days. How long ago was this? Of course if the situation has changed, you can start over trying to get another restraining order.

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    Default Re: Can I Appeal a De Novo Decision

    the denovo hearing was today.. he brought all new witness' that lied in seem that he had more liars to testify than i had truthful witnesses..also the judge seemed to not want to hear all my specific incidents. and wanted to just get the hearing over with..the first judge allowed me to present everything i had.

    or should i just let it go and if they harass me again ill just file again.

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    Default Re: Can I Appeal a De Novo Decision

    I reason you let it go until they harass you again. I think it must have taken some effort for the individual to get people to lie and doing it again will have to be a miracle. If the individual keeps up particular behavior that is directed toward you that bothers you, it will start to form intent; from that point, the individual could be grabbed for criminal harassment. Rather than filing, if it happens again, I suggest you report it to the police.

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