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    Default Bank Refusing to Accept Trustee's Signatures

    itted by Blakard29 on Fri, 03/01/2014 - 19:50
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    Hi, I would like to know what this means, I have little law knowledge in this area, I have an idea roughly what it means but I want to arm myself with the knowledge of what it means, possible reasons, potential solutions, the potential worst case scenario for myself and the best and if possible, if there any steps I can personally take or any legislation acts I can qoute to either the solicitor the bank that holds the account. If further information is required to help assist more then I will do my best however I only have the paper work as only recently have I taken control of the account as it has been held in trust for me for 15 years, payable at the age of 25.

    EDIT - I had applied an image however being a new user, I don't currently have those privelleges so I qoute the main body text of the letter below;

    "I am sorry that there has been a delay in accessing the funds due to you from your grandmother's estate. The bank firstly could not trace the investment and then would not accept the signatures of the two trustees.

    I am endeavouring to sort it out as quickly as possible and will be in touch again soon."

    Thanks very much for any help in advance!

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    Default Re: Bank Refusing to Accept Trustee's Signatures

    Your reference to solicitor makes me think you're in the U.K. - this is a U.S. forum. If you are in the U.S., please identify your state.

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    Default Re: Bank Refusing to Accept Trustee's Signatures

    Nope, you got me. I am in the UK.
    Sorry about that.
    Admin's feel free to delete my account.

    Kind regards,


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    Default Re: Bank Refusing to Accept Trustee's Signatures

    UK law forum at

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