My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Oregon

My ex-boyfriend has been texting me non stop even after I told him that I needed him to stop constantly texting and messaging me. He would send me text messages every single day that break up into 44 text messages at a time. Do I have enough for harassment?

Also he has been saying things on social media that are not true, not only about me but about my family as well. I have screen shots of him saying these things and proof from my cell phone provider of the constant contact, I also have proof of me asking him to stop.

He once showed up at my house and knocked on my door for 15 or 20minutes straight and told me he was not leaving until he saw the dog. I told him I was at work just so he would leave and he told me he would knock and wait all day until my parents got home. He has some mental issues and has some violent history. Even though I don't necessarily feel like my life is in danger, I am not quite sure what he is capable of. My family and friends feel that I should be worried and they are worried for my safety.

We also bought a dog together in the first couple of months of our relationship. We never lived together, the dog has stayed with me and my parents most the entire time. He threatened to take the dog away, and then told me that I could have the dog. Is this enough to prove ownership of the dog, I have also paid for majority of the dog's medical expenses.

Advice would be great, I cannot deal with this stress anymore.