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    Default Is a Breach of a Confidentiality Clause Lawsuit Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Missouri

    Long story short.....old employer is suing me for breach of contract/non confidential blah blah (not trying to not make it serious I have just been up crying all night) We have been in our bk 13 struggling for over 3 years. They are claiming "millions in dollars in loss" which is a joke really. But let's pretend they get my salary for 70k....can I put that in our bk as non secured?

    Any help would be wonderful..I feel a complete panic attack!

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    Default Re: Desperate Currently in 13 for 3 Years Now Civil Lawsuit Coming

    Couple of questions.

    1. When did the ex employer serve you? Before the 13 plan was started?

    2. Without saying too much, could you elaborate on the breach of contract issue? I'm going in a particular direction with this one

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    Default Re: Desperate Currently in 13 for 3 Years Now Civil Lawsuit Coming

    The question raised by Dogmatique is on point as you do not give enough info.

    You say you have been in the 13 for 3 years. Has your Plan been confirmed?

    Was this suit filed in the bk court or in state court?

    If in state court, when was it filed, before or after you filed bk/before or after your Plan was confirmed? Did the creditor seek permission from the bk court to proceed in state court?

    Do you have an attny? And the list can go on but we need more info.


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