My question involves civil rights in the State of: California
I was unlawfully imprisoned by the Long Beach Police Department and to this day I have no idea why, this happened in LA 20 years ago. After the fact I filed a claim for damages against the
public entity. After the denial I proceeded to the civil case and filed for
damages against the LBPD and the City. A week before my pro se civil preliminary
hearing I was arrested again on some warrant trumped up to keep me out of court,
with malice and under color of authority and I was roughed up real good, drugged
against my will, and thrown in a "dungeon" in LA. After going through that I refiled
the original case and adjoined the 2 arrest in another claim for damages against
a public entity. After that claim was denied I filed another cause of action and 2 weeks before my 2nd civil hearing against
the City and the police dept and does, 1-100 I was arrested again and held again
until after my civil date against the LBPD, LAPD, and both cities. I was beaten
by guards and shuffled around to Wayside and various detention facilities. Then
I was released 60 days later after the State couldn't proceed with any case against me. The
public defenders threatened me that If I was lying about my civil case against
the LBPD and LAPD, and the city of Long Beach they would, "help the State lock
me up and through the key away". That was the only time I saw the PD's
again, they never came to see me and mouthed to me across the court room the next time they saw me, "

I'm sorry," she mouthed, "there is nothing I can do" and left me in jail I never saw a PD again. After
being released homeless this time I found my GF of 8 years again after being
homeless for several weeks. We were able to get a roof over our heads. I
proceeded to file another complaint. This third complaint was and claim for
damages was assisted by a copy of West Law's Premise and the computerized
version of California law. After 6 months of research I began to compile another
claim and did so. This third claim was signed in Law and Motion by Judge Anita
Ray Shaperio in the Southwest Division of the district court of Los Angles.

The claim was denied again and I set the date for hearing again. This time the
LBPD kidnapped me and the officer told me as he pressed his .45 pearl handled
weapon into me forehead at 3:30am in the middle of the street in front of my
parents house, "Me and my buddies don't want you filing any more lawsuits. What
are you going to do", he said to me?

I said "I'm leaving in the AM" if you don't kill me and never coming back to Ca.
And thats what I did. 25 yrs later I'm trying to repair the damage. I suffer
from PTSD and my only friend is a Major in the USAF and a FBI instructor, and a
Dr. here in Phoenix where I live. I have a professional license and practice
Registered Nursing in 24 states that I am licensed in. I was half way to my first
Nursing Degree in California when the police ruined my live. I want my 20 yrs of life
back. But mostly I want the money for what they did. I have watched in fear and silence for 20 years.

I think it's time for me to bring suit again. Are there any attorney's that want
to help me right this awful wrong that was done to my wife and me, and our step
children. And to the citizens of California that have had to live without any
hope of corrective actions. If there is a attorney that wants to help me and my
family please let me know.

I am willing of course to take a lie detector test to confirm every aspect of
this note, and any other old filings and kidnapings that occurred to me that I
have written here about.

After six years my friends in the FBI told me that all felony warrants just disappeared, and were recalled. I asked them if 6 felony warrants just disappear? They of course laughed. I am ready to go back to court but am still afraid for my life if I appear publicly to tell this story. Oh the badge number of the officer in LB that kidnapped me at gunpoint and threatened my Life was badge 619 or 6119. You know Ive never forgotten those numbers in 20-25 years, just not sure how many ones were in the middle. But there has to be copies of the previous 3 filings somewhere in the records and the badge numbers will be found there


(Kidnapped, beaten, drugged, to deprive me of constitution rights, under color of authority and with

extreme malice, and with intention to do great bodily harm)