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    Default Compensation for Traffic Accident Claim

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: South Carolina. I was involved in a traffic accident approximately 5 months ago. I was in no way at fault and the other driver accepted full responsibility to the police and to his insurance company. I have obtained an attorney to represent me. I have about 12,000 in medical bills including prescriptions. I am seeing a chiropractor as well as a MD. I have about 6 weeks of work lost, and about 1500 miles in travel to and from medical visits. Can anyone give me a basic formula that may help me calculate my possible compensation including pain and suffering.

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    There's no "formula." What are your actual injuries? Why are you traveling so far? Chances are unless you had broken bones or surgery required you're not getting squat for pain and suffering. Submit your actual medical and related bills as damages. Why aren't you talking to your attorney?

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