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    Default Can I sue a neighbour who has a constantly barking dog?


    I have a neighbour who has a dog who is barking constantly.

    My room mate has told me that he has been barking constantly for 3 years.

    I have phoned the bylaw enforcement office, but to no avail.
    what happens is that the neighbour now takes off the barking collar from the dog *after* he knows that the bylaw enforcement officer has gone home for the day.

    I ended up calling the police to see if they could do anything, but they told me that they have a mandate that they will not waste resources to attend to a barking dog.
    They told me to call the spca and the spca told me to call the bylaw enforcement officer.

    None of these guys do anything to stop the barking.
    The barking law officer wants a written barking log from *2* different households to coroborate the one that me and my roomate have.

    So far as we understand, none of the neibhours are willing to complain, they seem to not want to rock the boat, so to speak.

    We cannot move as we have a phone that is tied to our business and will lose an unacceptable portion of our income if we have to move.

    Would anyone have any suggestions?


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    Default Moving a Phone Number

    If you move within the same telephone prefix, you may be able to arrange with the phone company to keep your phone number. In the alternative, for a fee, they should be able to automatically forward all incoming calls to your new number for as long as you wish to maintain the forwarding service. So if the only thing keeping you from moving is your phone number, that shouldn't really be a major impediment.

    You also have the option of trying to argue that the dog barking constitutes a nuisance under the law, and obtain a court order that they cease their conduct. But you may be limited in obtaining that sort of remedy by your state's laws, it could be expensive to obtain an order, and ultimately you still have to get somebody to help you enforce the order - if the police and bylaw enforcement officer are not willing to do so now, it seems possible that they won't help you then, either.

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    Heres what you do

    Get a decent tape recorder that you can set up near the fence or somewhere close to the dog, but unnoticeable to the people. Keep it on the low-down.

    When you have a day off, record the dog all day, switching tapes every 90-minutes.

    Take all your tapes from that day, and do two things with them :

    A copy you send do the people that are in charge of handling these kinds of nuisances.

    A copy that you keep for yourself. Get the most powerful, most massive, eardrum-blowing PA system you can find, and direct the output of the sound towards the neighbors house at full volume, all day and night, every day and night.

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