My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Purchased in Georgia, but I need it registered in Florida

Long story short:

Purchased a motorcycle from an individual in Georgia who still owed money on the bike to Harley. Seller and I went to Suntrust bank, signed all the paperwork, bill of sale, lien release request to Harley, etc. After the money was sent to Harley and the remainder given to the seller, the keys were turned over to me, and the bank told me that Harley would send the title to the them. I ship the motorcycle to Florida, and I eventually got on a plane to Australia (where I now live).

Harley sent title to seller, not bank. Seller has repeatedly, "apologized" for not sending it, and that he keeps forgetting (I have transcripts of these text messages, he refuses to answer calls) to send it. I'm at my wits end on what to do here. I have had my family have a police officer come over to do a VIN verification in Florida and he told us that it hasn't been reported stolen. The guy I purchased it from is a pretty successful guy, so I can't fathom why he won't send it. I've offered to have FedEx pick it up to no response.

My question:

Can I have a police officer in Florida sign a vin verification form, and go to the DMV with the bill of sale and lien payoff letter and get a title? Or do I need to involve a lawyer in Georgia (as angry as I am with this guy, I am halfway around the world), if so what kind of lawyer do I seek?

Thank you,

An expat abroad.