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    Default SSDI Back Pay Date and Dispute

    I first applied for social security in September 2006 and listed august 2006 as my disability date. I got denied the initial application and another in 2008. I applied again in 2011 this time using a lawyer and didn't get ah wearing with a judge until this August. In October I got a fully favorable decision with August 2006 being my onset date. Today I got my award letter and says my backpay will go back to March 2010 and not to August 2006 even though the judge said I had been disabled since 2006.

    I was wondering how to appeal that date and how to reopen the initial claim from 2006. Both initial denials was due to lack of medical evidence. Any advise would be very welcomed. I don't want to miss out on 3 years of payments when I applied as soon as I got disabled.


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    Default Re: SSDI Back Pay Date and Dispute

    You appear to be stating that you filed a new claim instead of trying to reopen your prior claim. That makes some sense, given that a claim must normally be reopened within a year, with a maximum period of four years if you can show good cause -- new and material evidence showing that the earlier denial was a clearly in error -- which would be difficult to do if the fundamental issue was that you didn't adequately document your disability. Benefits would thus be premised upon your date of approved application, not upon the date you first applied. You can discuss with your lawyer whether or not that is the case and if so, whether under the facts of your case you might be able to get 12 months of retroactive benefits instead of six.

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    Default Re: SSDI Back Pay Date and Dispute

    If you open a new claim, you establish a new disability date. Some people do this to change the sedentary requirement burden they must meet. The government does not reward the effort.

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