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    Default Divorce Judgment Provision for Payment of Ex-Spouse's Medical Bills

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: NV

    My ex wife and I have gone through a divorce and we came to the agreement that I would be paying half of her medical bills. She informed me today that she was being sued for 1,700 all at once. She wants me to pay the half, immediately, and/or pay for the court fees to argue the case. I know that our divorce decree states that I pay her $400 in child support a month $25 a month for her medical bills. It does not specify anything else. My question is, do I also have to pay my entire half of her bill in full, am I required by law, or can I just continue to pay the $25 as stated by the court documents? I ask because I am getting a second job just to comfortably pay the money I owe her now and still pay my own bills. I have no savings and couldnt afford that kind of thing right now no matter what I do.
    I need to know what I have to do legally so that she cant start threatening to sue me for more money and all that.
    I don't mind either answer, honestly, there is very little I can do either way, I just need to know how this works for me in a legal stance.

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    Default Re: Being Sued for Her Medical Bills

    If the court order specifies $25, pay $25. Make sure you are correct. Further, just because she claims a collection for $1700, does not mean that is how much you owe her. She should be requested to provide insurance EOB documentation showing her responsibility.

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    Default Re: Being Sued for Her Medical Bills

    Word for word, please - exactly how is the decree ordered?

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