M.A.D Comprehensive Lists of international multilateral treaties (law of treaties)
(treaty, convention, agreement, protocol, amendment, decleration &) directed by maysam araee daronkolah

In introduce to the present work must say this work being divided into several sections:
1: list of treaties by date of conclusion (from 1900 to 2013)
2: list of treaties by date of entry in to force (from 1900 to 2013)
3: list of treaties by subject that consist of:
Air law, Communication And Information, Disarmament and Arms Control, Economic, Ecosystem, [Educational, Scientific and Cultural] matter, Energy, Environment, Fishing, Foodstuff, Health, Human rights, Human Trafficking, Humanitarian Law, Intellectual Property, International Organization, International Private Law, International Relation & Diplomatic and Consular Law, International Trade and Commerce, Labor Law, Law of the sea, Law of Treaties & Succession of States, Maritime And Shipping, [Minerals, Industrial Material and Industrial] Matter, Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Safety, Peace and Military alliance, Penal Matter &Terrorism, Privileges and Immunities of IO, Settlement of Dispute, Space Law, Sport, Stateless and Refugee, Transport, Women and Children Rights