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    Default What Happens if You Fail to Appear for Drug Charges in Another State

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Maryland

    I was arrested for smoking a small joint in the parking lot of a hotel that i was staying at there in Maryland i live in michigan and i will never be going back to maryland for any reason now if i dont show up for court and they issue a warrant is anyone going to drive 9 hours there and back to take me there and what should happen if i get pulled over here in michigan its a small charge and clean record

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    Default Re: Marijuana Charges from a Different State

    If there is a warrant for your arrest, if it is available to the authorities upon you being stopped, they can arrest you and hold you until MD says they aren't going to extradite you.
    In fact, every state can do that.

    whether the warrant is viewable or if MD indicates they will not extradite or anything else is simply the gamble you will have to take, for years and years and years and years.....

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    Default Re: Marijuana Charges from a Different State

    Record's not clean any more. And everyone's record was clean before they got their first charge.

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    Default Re: Marijuana Charges from a Different State

    I'd recommend calling a lawyer in Maryland. One can minimize the appearance in MD and you really ought to have one anyhow.
    As JK points out, warrants have a nasty habit of biting you at the wrong time. One you're charged, you don't get any credit for being a fugitive, criminal charges don't time out because you ran away. You really are playing with fire. You do understand if you appeared, you might well qualify for a diversion which more or less makes this charge go away? If you don't the pending charges will show up on future background checks and eventually even if you do get arrested/appear, diversion may be off the table and you will have a life long criminal record.

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