I have a F1 visa and I am currently studying in US. I am going to get marry to my fiance next month who is a Green Card Holder, she is becoming citizen next year. I already saw that after get marry she or me (I'm not sure) can apply for the Permanent resident + Adjust Status. This used to take around 3-5 years to get approved and some people say I would need to maintain my F1 by my own and other ones that I can get a work permit right away. My first question is this one, Which one of those is true? and my second question is, according of what I saw, Is it true that after apply for it and once she gets the citizenship the procedure gets faster for me to obtain the Green Card? Or at least some legal form to stay in US with my cutie? I already know that I won't be able to get out from US until I get everything right and clear.

Thank you.