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    Default Bought Car With Clean Title, Despite Past Salvage Title

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Mississippi.
    I went to look at a car i was interest in buying at a body shop in newton, i asked the owner of the shop if the car had been wrecked and he did say it had been wrecked and told me it was just the lower radiator support and the radiator that had to be fixed. so i drove the car and decided to buy it and upon negotiating i asked if the car had a clear title and he said yes, so the next day i went and bought a tag and went home after work and was messing around and google my vin # and it pulled up a web link to auto bid masters link ( i saw it had been salvaged once and had alot more damage then i was told. is there any action i can take to get my money back, i didn't have any problems getting a tag or anything so i guess he had it inspected with the dmv to get it retitled but theres nothing i can ever do with the car if i decide to trade it in on another car down the road because ill never get any money out of it, i realize after the fact that i should've done a carfax, is there any action i can take legally?

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    Default Re: Bought a Car and It Had a Salvage Title at One Time

    Not unless you can prove he has broken the law. Did he purchase it from the auction? The bumper and air bags are a given if the radiator and support are replaced. The fender may have been prior damage. Regardless, I do not think it had "a lot more damage". It only appears to have one minor component of damage by MS law and therefore not be a salvage vehicle. Title law appears to allow the OOS salvage title to be cleansed based on MS law after repair.

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