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    Default Car Accident with no police report

    I was involved in a car accident last year. My light was green when I was crossing an intersection and I was driving less than 25MPH. Suddenly I see a car in the front of me and I slammed on my breaks. My car didn't stop in time so I hit her on her side. I had no damages or scratches on my car and her car LITERALLY had a little scratch. Because my car was in the middle of an intersection we pulled over to the side and exchanged information. I didn't have a picture ID at the time so we used my cousin (one of my passengers) as a reference. The police came and they verified my licensce was valid. They didnt take any reports or cite anyone. I didn't contact my insurance the next day because I didnt think I needed too since I had no damages and I know my light was green. A couple of days later my insurance contacts me re: her claim-she filed a claim with her insurance that I ran the red light and her light was green. I gave my insurance my statement and they denied her claim. A year now later, my cousin receives a collection letter for charges over $4000.00 from her insurance company. I just received the same collection letter a few days ago. We already sent dispute letters to the collection agency by certified mail. What else can I do? Can she legally sue or charge my cousin even though she was just a passenger?? What else can I do in my defense at this point since we don't have any pictures of the damages or any witnesses. My passengers were my cousins (age 17), my daughter (9months old) and my cousin 19yrs(the one we used as a reference) all sat in the back seats of my car and now of them saw what happened. How is it possible for her to send us to a collection agency? Please help.

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    Default Re: Car Accident with no police report

    You need to contact your insurance company and give them a copy of those letters. They may be able to defend you.

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