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    Default Emancipation of Part Time New Jersey College Student

    [SIZE=4]My question involves child support in the State of: New Jersey

    my wife's son, who is living with his father and we are paying child support to, signed up for community college this past fall taking 4 courses which is the minimum for being a full-time student. By mid-November he dropped or was dropped from 2 of the classes. So now he is only taking 2 classes which means he is a part-time student. He has registered for the spring Semester for 4 classes, so he tells his mother, so that he will again be a full-time student. Understand he is not admitting to us that he has dropped the 2 classes, he is afraid of his father. We have filed a motion with the court to have him emancipated, this motion was filed before we knew he had dropped 2 classes And we did not request oral arguments. This motion will be heard on December 11 which is shortly before the spring semester starts. Our questions are:

    1- How would we go about notifying the court that my wife's son is now a part-time student?

    2-if the spring semester starts before this case is heard and my wife's son is again a full-time student will the judge go back and say that since he was not a full-time student for 6 months he should have been emancipated then?

    3-is there anything else we can do to bring this to the court's attention?

    Thanks in advance for your Advice

    Mike and Christine

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    Default Re: Emancipation of Part Time New Jersey College Student

    You have not indicated any particulars of the court order or the childs age.

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