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    Default Does Enrollment in an Online Charter School Count as Attending High School

    My question involves child support in the State of: Utah and Nevada

    Is a online charter 'homeschool' program where its online count as an education working towards a high school diploma? My 2 step daughters just turned 18 in Sept and they have been attending a couple different online "virtual acadamys" since they were little. Now that they are 18, we received a statement only saying our child support order dropped some. I was under the impression that at 18 if they were still in school cs continues until they graduate in June? We never had any documentation stating the change. Just seeing if anyone had experience with any virtual/online/charter schools and how that compares to traditional high school in regards to child support rules

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    Default Re: Does Enrollment in an Online Charter School Count as Attending High School

    If it's a bona fide charter school, I would expect so.

    I cannot see the court's order from where I'm sitting, so I'm not in a position to tell you what it says about when support ends.

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