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    Default Using Images from My Old Workplace

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: ontario canada

    hi there...residing in Toronto a Chef who recently left his post at a company.....decided to open my own business.....i have used photos of my food and decor from old company on my website....none of the photos contain any reference to the old company...such as people, logos employees etc.....just pics of food and the venue.....can i post them on my site or am i facing action against me...thanks

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    Default Re: Can I Use Pics from Old Employer

    The last I knew, Ontario Canada was not a state within the US, and thus is subject to Canadian law and not US law.

    (and since I am myself a Canadian citizen who was born in Toronto and lived in Ontario for some years, I suspect I'd have heard if Canada had been annexed by the US. Not that they haven't tried.)

    It matters, too, because US law is not the same as Canadian law, and we have no experts in Canadian law here. Not even me. (Well, we do have one but she's pretty much limited to employment law)

    So perhaps you might want to avail yourself of a site that starts out, What is the name of your province? instead of What is the name of your state?

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    Default Re: Can I Use Pics from Old Employer

    If you took the photos, as far as copyright in Canada you are free to do what you want with them (unlike the US, there's no work-for-hire principal there, unless you've transferred the rights to the employer, they're yours). If you didn't take them, they belong to whoever took them.

    I'd certainly not use any pictures of people without their permission.

    I'd certainly wonder about the feasilbity of using pictures showing some other restaurant in marketing your own. A plate of food is one thing, but showing other stuff would appear to be an intent to confuse.

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