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    Default Ending Guardianship and Regaining Custody


    My BF has 2 children, ages 8 & 6. At the end of his and his ex's (they were never married) relationship, there were major problems and the children ended up in temp custody with his ex's parents. My BF was granted supervised visitiation with the children, which he did as often as they'd let him, for about 2 years. Then the grandparents stopped letting him see his children all together at this point. He would call, they wouldnt answer. He would go over there and the grandfather would refuse to let him see the kids. T (my bf) would call the police and they would come out and say that they could not make them let him see the kids, even though he had his court papers showing visitation rights. They wld tell him to get a lawyer. The last time he went, he had a gun pointed in his face and his life threatened. This was a little over 3 years ago. He couldnt afford a layer until about 6 months ago. So we do now have an attorney, Im just wanting other peoples opinions. The grandparents agreed to let T's mother visit/phone calls to the kids (she lives in another state) as long as she did not let T or his ex around the kids. So she has had an ongoing relationship with the kids. We recently got all of T's file regarding this, and DCF has not made one single visit to the grandparents home in over 3 years!!! His visitation is still in order. The layer sent the grandparents a letter asking them to cooperate in reestablishing visitation and they responded with a letter stating they would not. Our lawyer wants to file a motion for contempt,and sue for visitation and eventually full custody. (his ex is a total wreck and unemployed, and has no contact with the kids whatsoever). T has been paying his child support faithfully. What are his chances of regaining full custody of these children??? It makes me sooooo angry that they think they have the right to keep him from his kids. Neither of them work. They live off of the child support from T as well as CS from the other child's father. They also get food stamps and other public assistance. The grandfather had a felony 2 years after they rcvd temp custody. Please give us hope!!!!

    Thank you for any advise/comments.

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    Default Ending Guardianship & Regaining Custody

    Your lawyer is the person in the best position to estimate the outcome of the case. We simply don't have enough information.

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