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    Default Using the Olympics Logo

    Hi there,
    A local sportswoman is potentially an athlete in the upcoming winter olympics and I wish to produce 50 caps to give away to friends and family as support.

    The design features the olympic rings in black with her initials trailing off the bottom rings.

    I am aware the IOC are strict with their logo and infringements but if I was to produce these that are not for sale would they send me a cease and desist letter or could they potentially sue me?

    I only want to support the town's heroes sporting efforts and not earn a profit, intact I will lose money producing them. Could I just tell them these fact that they are not for sale if they did send a C and D or are the consequences more dire?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Producing Caps with Altered Olympic Rings That Are Not for Sale, Only a Give Away

    The fact you aren't making anything doesn't change the fact that the IOC loses money of your exploiting their mark. It's not so much the gain to you but the loss to them that matters. You could tell them whatever you want, but it doesn't make much difference if they sue you.
    They aren't obliged to send a C&D before filing against you.

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    Default Re: Using the Olympics Logo

    The IOC is not only aggressively protective of their logo, they've successfully lobbied for legisltion and regulations in many nations that give them trademark protections above and beyond what other entities enjoy.

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    Default Re: Using the Olympics Logo

    When your local sportswoman secures a spot on the Olympic teams it would not be inappropriate to write to the IOC. Your cap would be derivative art based on the IOC logo so you would need their permission. Here is a generic e-mail address: . Each individual sport has it's own organization. I'm unsure if it would help to try to communicate with them rather than the IOC.
    Do not be surprised if the IOC wishes to discuss money.
    Good luck to your lady.

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