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    Default Military Recruiter Charged With Misconduct

    I am in need of some help. I have a Soldier who is a MSG (E8) in the Army National Guard whi is a Recruiter. He was just read his rights and is being charged with recruiter impropriety and misconduct. Unfortunately, he volunteered some information because he did not believe the charges were that severe, so he waived his right to counsel. Here is the story, as I understand it.

    He dated a girl for a few months as a SFC in June. Through their dating she expressed interest in joining the National Guard, so he helped her enlist by testing her, doing her enlistment forms, etc. While he was processing her, he continued to date her. She was found to be disqualified for service due to an alcohol dependency issue (or something like that) and the recruiter terminated her record. They got in a fight and she reported him to his command. Here is the basics of the charge, all of which was admitted to during an interview by 3 NCOs in the chain of command.

    - Improper romantic relationship with a National Guard applicant by not handing her off to another recruiter

    - Admittal during an argument that if she reports him to the chain of command he wil release nude photos. During the interview, he said he would never do that, but just used it as "bait" to deter her from reporting him

    - Did not adhere to a State recruiting policy that says recruiters can not have face-to-facecontact with someone of the opposite sex without another person present.

    I know he is entitled to JAG help, but just wanting to know what he can / should do. Since he was only read his rights, he has not been formally charged, but if there's any type of "evidence" he can show to mitigate this (he already admitted to it), then I'd like to know if I can help him in any way.

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.


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    Also, please let me know what evidence he can give that will help reduce the punishment. Would a letter accepting responsibility help? Or should we look for holes in the evidence? Not sure what's best.

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    Default Re: Charged with Recruiter Misconduct / Impropriety

    Let JAG handle it and let your "friend" be held responsible and accountable for his own actions. That said, and given the number of cases in the news about sexual misconduct in the military, I find it hard to believe that a recruiter would not be made aware of and be advised to stay away from situations that might be seen as sexual misconduct. If he was truly unaware please let me know so I can write my Congressional representatives. Heck, I might even write the President.

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