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    Default GI Bill Basic Allowance for Housing Suspended Due to College's Mistake

    I was recently removed from classes without being informed. I was not told until last night when I received a letter from the VA informing me that I was no longer eligible for BAH under the post-9/11 GI Bill as my credit hours were now 0. Having talked to the school, I have come to find out it was a clerical error on their part; however, they cannot re-enroll me in several classes because of school procedure. I received my BAH for September and October, and the school is going o help me out by enrolling me in classes that start next Tuesday. Can the VA rep say my enrollment for those classes was in September as previous with my classes, since I was already paid BAH (the VA would not have to pay for the new classes).

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    Default Re: GI Bill Basic Allowance for Housing Suspended Due to College's Mistake

    You were attending class until a couple of days ago, having paid tuition, without any problem or notification of a problem whatsoever, but after you received this letter from the V.A. your college told you that it dropped you from your classes some time ago and that you're not presently enrolled as a student? And they said that it was their mistake, but they can't fix it? And when you asked "Why not, given that you didn't notify me that I was being discharged from my classes and I've been attending them and doing the work", the college said what?

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