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    Default Motion for Installment Payments

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of: Tennessee

    I'm a bit confused about filling out this Motion For Installment Payments form. I was sued in the state of TN and a judgement has been entered against me. I have received a notice of garnishment from my employer since the ten days has passed. This garnishment is going to leave my family in a financial crisis.

    In regards to the form on the second sheet, #2 List all dependents. Am I able to list my wife who is unemployed due to health issues? She doesn't receive disability income but I am 100% responsible for all finances.

    #3 List all income from any source. Am I to write my net pay or gross pay? My pay varies because sometimes I work overtime. Do I need to indicate my base pay without any overtime here? Overtime depends on whether my company is offering it or not.

    On #10 I am to list property exemptions. I have read that in TN, I have a $10,000 exemption. Is this correct? In this section do I need to list just my exemptions or also include my wife's? We have two vehicles that are in both of our names. I drive one and she drives the other.

    We were both sued but obviously I'm the only one who received notice of wage garnishment.

    Thank you for any help.

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    Default Re: Motion for Installment Payments

    There is no standard form for your state, so if you cannot understand the form you are using you will want to ask the clerk if there are instructions or consult a lawyer.

    If your wife is your dependent, you can indicate that she's your dependent.

    If the form you are using does not indicate whether the income figure requested is gross or net, you would normally indicate gross, but again you would want to check to see if the form comes with instructions. You can always incidate "$XXX (gross), $YYY (net)". You indicate how much you are paid, not how much you would be paid if you worked fewer hours.

    If the space for property exemptions is designated as the place to list property you believe is exempt, that's what you would do. If it's for something else, you would do that something else. We have no access to the form.

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