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    Default Getting Readmitted to an Academic Program After Poor Performance

    To whom this may concern

    I had passed 47 out of my 52 modules in my engineering degree. Unfortunately I had failed one of the 6 remaining modules twice. It was not a particularly difficult subject, with the average being 55. The main reasons for repeating this subject again was:
    A) The subject was a continuous assessment module with no exam. There are five assessments leading to a final SM. In the final assessment my current SM was sitting on 43. I needed just a pass on the last section, which was a group project. Unfortunately one of the peers had already passed the module and decided not to participate in the final assessment, thereby leaving my remaining and I with an uncompleted assignment.
    B) My final SM was then 48, which meant I qualified for a supplementary. This did not go too well with the lecturers as they had planned to not do a supplementary, which was over ridden by the Dean. During my supplementary assessment I was to repeat the experiment while the professor watched. No notes were taken down during the professors assessment. During the assessment the professor had told us he had deliberately mismarked the weights and I quote "to **** with us". My final assessment was 48.

    I had spent five years working towards my degree. Due to changes in some prerequisites the above would've caused me to carry over a major, and causing me seven years to complete my degree, exceeding the grace period of six years. However in my situation I deem it as unreasonable; to say that I would struggle with 6 subjects compared to passing 47 is really a lack of reasoning.

    After psychological assessment it was determined I needed extra time concession for exams, and the assessed career was the one I had chosen. I had also received a signed letter from the fourth partisan acknowledging his absence from the final assessment. All the latter evidence was not enclosed in my first appeal at the beginning of the semester. The HOD did not give a great deal of advice when I asked him(in a serious and desperate, close-depressive state).
    I am continuing pursuing a different degree, and survived clinical depression( thank goodness I'm still here).
    The question is, can I still appeal and be reaccepted in the faculty, and who do I go to if I do so? What is the window period before a Faculty can disregard an appeal due to late submission? I have six subjects out of 52, should I not be allowed to finish?

    Thank you for your input to this matter.


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    Default Re: Getting Readmitted to an Academic Program After Poor Performance

    This is in what U.S. state?

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    Default Re: Getting Readmitted to an Academic Program After Poor Performance


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    Default Re: Getting Readmitted to an Academic Program After Poor Performance

    Do you have an academic adviser? What does he suggest? I've no idea what a "module" is but if you are saying that you flunked a bunch of courses in your major then you are in a difficult position.

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