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    Question Blowing Positive on an Ignition Interlock Device

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: WI

    What are the consequences of blowing a BAC over 0.00, or 0.02, on an interlock device in the state of WI? I have not been driving my vehicle often lately but start it often b/c my car is old and the battery can be particular during the colder seasons. (I also use a slow trickle battery charger b/c the state of WI requires that there can be no power interruption for over 5 min.). One day, I started my vehicle and blew a BAC over 0.00 but did not see the actual number flash b/c I freaked out. I reported it to the interlock company immediately so that they could document that I had a severe cold, drank a script cough medicine, and went to drive to the pharmacy immediately. Does anyone know what the hell is going to happen to me in December when my unit is sent in for re-calibration and the results are reported to the state???

    My background info: I obtained my OWI, first offense last year. I have always had an "exit strategy" when drinking in the city such as: the bus, a taxi, a place to stay, etc. Then I moved out to the suburbs. Once upon a time, on a terribly stressful day, I decided to drive into the city and meet up with some friends for $1.00 Pabst night at a pub, (nothing like a WI beer in a city with more bars per capita than any other city). I didn't watch how much I drank, even on top of a new medication, and drove home resulting in my arrest. I settled w/ the court's offer that basically resulted in a suspended license, a drunk driver class that I had to pay for b/c I had personal insurance, and an interlock device. I have paid so much money for my ticket, interlock installation and monthly fees, and re-instating my license. I finally finished my safety class, paid my tickets, and happily live with my interlock, looking forward to my end date in August 2014.

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    Default Re: Consequences of Blowing a Bac Over 0.00 or 0.02 on an Interlock Device in Wi

    You have an alcohol problem, hopefully you are also getting counseling on that in addition to your other issues. A single violation reset isn't going to have any likely repercussions in Wisconsin. However, do not delude yourself, alcohol from cough syrup is alcohol. You are just as illegal for driving with that than if you through down some stoly.

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