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    Exclamation Ex-Roommate Wants to Sue Over Unpaid Utility Bills

    Last school year 1 of my roomates had a friend stay with us for what he said would be "a couple days" while he was floating around to a few different places because he was out of his apartment and did not have a new one yet. He ended up staying an entire semester which me and the other 2 roomates did not like and kept telling hime to leave. During the period that this person stayed in our place I did not pay the roomate $311.00 for utilities because the kid that was staying there never paid us any money to live there or used our utilities. The other roomates did the same. He left the apartment inbetween the 1st and 2nd semester (during the first week of january 2006) and just got a certified mail saying he was taking me and my parents to small claims for this. The previous apartment complex took him to small claims after he left because he refused to pay his remaning rent. I have heard that in michigan that you can only take someone to small claims within a 6 month period time of when this happened. If this is the case could i have the apartment office send a letter to the court saying when he left? Please respond to this and/or let me know if any more information is needed. Thank you!


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    Default Re: Small Claims for Utilities owed to old roomate - Michigan

    There's no special six month limitations period for small claims court. Here's a brief official guide to Michigan small claims court.

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    Default Re: Small Claims for Utilities owed to old roomate - Michigan

    He is actually sueing my parents and not me because they were cosigner's on the apartment lease for me. However in the lease, they apartment complex states that they are not responsible for utilities and do not have anything to do with them(in nutshell). Also, it only says that the parents are responsible for being guarantors on the actual lease portion on the agreement. Obviously so that they do not get screwed over if a student decides not to pay for rent and can then go after their parents. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Small Claims for Utilities owed to old roomate in Michigan

    Clear up something for me: Just exactly why do you not think you are responsible for your share of the utility bill for the time you were there?

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