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    Smile Billed for Emergency Care Provided Three Years Ago

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? WA State

    MVA 2009, both parties filed claims with other parties' insurance. Other party's insurance accepted full liability immediately after accident and paid in full for the damage repairs to my vehicle. Had x-ray in 11/2009 and 6/2010 and gave hospital third party auto insurance and claim information (they already had medical insurance information since I had been there before). Around 10/2010 I spoke with a different adjuster with the other party's insurance who then decided they were not accepting full liability, only partial. I retained an attorney. When my attorney called the hospital I had the x-ray at to get updated outstanding balance information, they spoke with someone in the hospital's billing department, gave my name, DOB, and range of dates of service (time of accident - present), and hospital billing dept. employee gave verbal "zero". Attorney proceeded to check with other providers to ensure "zero" balances so they could settle my case. My case was settled 11/2011. Approx 3/2012 I received a bill from the hospital I received the x-ray at for the amount of the second x-ray (DOS 6/2010). I called to speak with billing dept to try to settle my account and was told it was a legitimate balance for a "second account" and was my responsibility. I contacted the attorney's office and although they were no longer representing me, provided me with copies of correspondence between the attorney and hospital. The record that indicates I have "zero" balance with the hospital has no mention to which "account" this was for. The attorney's office says they were not made aware of a "second" account and assumed that the "zero" balance applied to any and all "accounts" linked to my name, DOB, and dates of service. The account was sent to outside collections, which I disputed, and the collections agency "investigated" and determined it was legitimate.

    My question is, to what extent am I liable for the balance of this x-ray when my attorney was never informed of the balance of this "second" account? And because they also failed to send the claim to my medical insurance within the 365 day timely filing limit, aren't they required to write it off per their contract with my medical insurance?

    Thank you for any/all help! I have been dealing with this for 3+ years and am VERY ready to be done with it

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    You received the X-Ray, you didn't pay for it, you didn't have insurance that paid for it and, assuming you signed something agreeing to pay for your care, the statute of limitations hasn't run. A past billing error or miscommunication doesn't, of itself, mean that a bill doesn't have to be paid.

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    Default Re: Billed for Emergency Care Provided Three Years Ago

    Quote Quoting hospital_fraud
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    The record that indicates I have "zero" balance with the hospital
    If the hospital had already sent the account to a collection agency for servicing or sold the debt to a 3rd party(not likely with the age of the bill) then that would be the correct balance that the hospital should have shown. They should have informed you that the account had been placed somewhere else and given you some contact info.

    The bill just didn't disappear.

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