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    Question Pressing Charges for Burglary

    My ex-husband came to my house and took some things from there while I was not home. It's been in 2004. We had been divorced by then. Is it too late to go to the Police to press charges since it's been 2 years? I am in Louisiana. Or, is there another way to get him for doing that?


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    Default Re: Pressing charges for burglary

    As a practical matter, it's unlikely that the police or a prosecutor would pick up the case after two years. Why do you want to make this an issue after so much time?

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    in little less than 1 year after the incident, I filed petition for damages but that still has not been heard. He has my things that he took from me. In the consent judgement we recently signed, he agreed to return me the things. If he returns them to me, I can use them as a proof that he really came in and took them from me.

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