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    Default I-130 Approved, I-485 Denied

    I don't understand why, my case is about as straight-forward as it could be. My girlfriend came over on a B1/B2 visa, and four months later we married. I am an American citizen and she is a South African citizen. We filed the complete Adjustment of Status package, did the medical exam, the biometrics exam, the whole works. So, just two days ago, the I-130 and the I-765 was approved, but the I-485 and the I-131 was denied. So what now? Her I-94 is expired. Is she going to be deported or what? We have not yet received the letter stating why she was denied. Neither of us have any police record at all - just two nice people who have never been in trouble or anything. The appeal alone cost another $630, and that is if they allow us to appeal. So my question is, suppose the worst that can happen does, and they don't let us appeal. Will they really deport my wife - and why would the do that? They just gave her permission to work here, for pete's sake.

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    Default Re: I-130 Approved, I-485 Denied

    I'm wondering if they thought she entered on a non-immigrant visa KNOWING she would be wanting to stay permanently.

    That would make sense, because ideally she would have entered on the fiancee visa.

    It's time for you to get an attorney on board.

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    Default Re: I-130 Approved, I-485 Denied

    I agree. Two nice people that cooked up an immigration scam to get married in violation of the law. Pay an immigration attorney to attempt to salvage the fallout ASAP.

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