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    Default Suspended from College for Being Loud on Campus and Confrontations With Students

    My question involves education law in the State of: California
    My Story: One to two semesters ago i was being called into the Vice President of Academic Affairs office for being too loud in the courtyard on my break time at a community college. When I got called into his office, pretty much he told me if I was ever to end up in his office again that he would expel me. Well this week two separate incidents happened where I feel I was discriminated against.
    First incident: A fellow student and honor society president was in my class. He kept using vulgar language not only towards me but towards other students. I had asked him several times to stop until finally I told him if he didn't stop I would go to academic affairs and let them now how the president of the honor society was acting. After this incident he had gone to academic affairs and told the Vice President that he felt threatened towards my actions. After the incident on my end I had told the teacher what I had told him to stop him from acting the way he was. The teacher then told me I took the right actions.
    Second incident: I was in class when one of the older women in my class was getting very upset that she couldn't figure anything out, she was asking questions about stuff we learned two years ago. She kept getting angrier and angrier, the teacher proceeded to tell her she should have already known this at which time I clarified I was paying for school and came to learn and we were wasting hours on stuff she should already know. She had proceeded to yell and curse at me calling me rude names and making me feel uncomfortable in front of the whole class. At this time the teacher sent us outside. When we got outside she had proceeded to grab my shirt and start yelling at me and calling vulgar names, at this I had reacted to that by pushing her off of me, she then threw a water bottle at me. Then I left the school to avoid further confrontation.
    On Friday October 4th, 2013 I was called into the V.P.s office when he told me about incident two but never took down my side of the story. He then told me he would let me know.
    Tuesday October 8th, 2013 I came to school ready to learn, however my teacher tells me I am not allowed on the premises of the school and need to leave immediately. He said that all of my teachers got a mass email saying I was suspended. I felt confused because I had not received an email, phone call, or letter stating this. So I went to talk to Student Services to get a withdrawal in my classes so I don't fail, however when I went there they said that my account was frozen and they couldn't, that I would have to take a failing grade and have no choice.
    I am a straight A and B student, taking over 18 units a semester with a 3.6 GPA with no serious or even prior incidents. I feel I have been discriminated against and retaliated against. I would like some legal advice please.

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    Default Re: Suspended from College for Being Loud on Campus

    File an appeal.

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    Default Re: Suspended from College for Being Loud on Campus

    You can file an appeal with the Board of Regents or convening authority, but I don't see any discrimination or illegal activity on the schools part.

    You were involved in an incident where a professor had to remove you from class for being disruptive. The school can suspend you for that unless you can provide some documenation via a student handbook, etc that details some other disciplinary course.

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    Default Re: Suspended from College for Being Loud on Campus

    Here's some advice - grow up. You're in college. Not high school. You're paying for your education and unless you like wasting money - say you're sorry and move on. Chances are they'll move on too.

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    Default Re: Suspended from College for Being Loud on Campus

    Colleges usually have fairly well defined disciplinary procedures. I remember them being in the Student Handbook but I'd bet they are on-line now. Read them and move on from there if you wish.

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