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    Default How to Get Custody of an Ex-Girlfriend's Child

    My question involves adoption law for the State of: Texas

    Me and my husband want to know how to get custody of his 4 year old non biological daughter. Its a confusing situation! His older cousin claims the child's mother has her daughter. this cousin has the child 5 days out of the week, by choice of the mother. there is no legal guardianship over the child. The child knows my husband as her dad, My husband used to have a relationship with the mother of the child. Just recently she decided to discontinue their relationship due to my pregnancy. I know the child's biological father is in prison but the child has gone out of town with his family several times, unsupervised by the mother. I know her mother uses drugs, gets into alot of trouble, isn't with her child very often, doesn't have permanent housing & doesn't even have her in school. This cousin has recently brought her by our house without her mother knowing because shes constantly asking about her "daddy" and me and wants to still see us. I dont want to raise my son with the idea of a "secret sister" that rarely comes by. how would we get custody of the child if shes not ours?

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    Default Re: Is There Any Way to Get Custody of a Child Thats Not Ours in Texas

    Okay - please clarify one thing before we go any further.

    Does this child have a LEGAL father? I'm not talking about biology - I'm talking about who is or isn't on her birth certificate/parentage papers.

    Because if your husband was merely a stepparent/boyfriend/other male figure, he has no chance at custody.
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