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    Default Clean Title to Salvage After Purchase

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: illinois
    I have a question; Iím a used car dealer in the state of Illinois. I purchased a vehicle 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse from an auction (Copart) in California. The vehicle was sold to me with a clean title; the seller was an automotive shop in the state of California selling the vehicle through that auction. Before purchasing the vehicle we checked the vin through auto check, carfax and instavin, everything check out clean, 4 months later the vehicle showed up as a salvage vehicle on carfax, a different title has been issued, is there anything i could do about this?

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    Default Re: Clean Title to Salvage After Purchase

    If they advertised the car as having a clean title, then gave you a salvage title, I would approach the issue through Copart. Be aware though, in their member agreement you agree to obtaining the vehicle without a guarantee as to representations.

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