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    Default Student loan forgery by a parent

    Hello everyone. I'm having some problems with a student loan that was taken out and I need some advice.
    I live in Arizona.

    When I was 15 my mom took out a student loan under my name. I am now 24. I got a copy of the loan papers and she filled them out and forged my signature. They sent two checks which she cashed and used to move into a new house and furnish it. I did take one semester at school but the cost wasn't over $400. My mom paid for that portion of it but at the time I didn't know she was doing it with a loan she took out under my name. The loan is for over $10000 and I am receiving collections calls about it. They are also taking my tax returns and applying them towards the debt.
    I have spoken with the collection agency but I can never get a straight answer of what to do. One guy said I needed 10 documents that I signed at the time of the loan application to prove it's not my signature. Another said I need to hire a handwriting specialist. I also brought up the point that I was 15 when it was taken out but they said it doesn't matter.

    My mother also tried to get the loan discharged a few years after it was taken out. She send a discharge request under my name stating I was disabled and wasn't able to repay the loan. I guess she thought it could come back to her somehow. That never went through and they denied it.

    I don't care if my mom is arrested or brought up on charges. This isn't the only time she has done something like this.

    I don't have much money and probably can't afford a lawyer. Does anyone have any advice or somewhere I can get information on what to do?
    I did a little research at the federal student loan website but it wasn't too helpful.

    I'd appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: Student loan forgery by a parent

    How long have you known of the fraud? Did you ever file a police report?

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    Default Re: Student loan forgery by a parent

    Quote Quoting Mr. Knowitall
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    How long have you known of the fraud? Did you ever file a police report?
    I've known about it for a few years when the collection agency first contacted me about it.

    I haven't filed a police report yet.

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    Default Re: Student loan forgery by a parent

    A long-term acquiescence, without taking any effort to notify the creditor of fraud or to make a police report claiming identity theft, can make it very difficult to avoid responsibility for a debt that somebody took out in your name. You can try taking those steps now, and see what happens. I take it there's no realistic chance that your mother would pay off the loan.

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    Default Re: Student loan forgery by a parent

    Do the following IMMEDIATELY (as in TODAY):
    1. File a police report,
    2. Contact the Identity Theft department of the lender and file a fraud report. They have the forms. Send the lender a copy of the police report with the form.

    Since you were a minor at the time of the application, it is highly unlikely you would be held further reponsible IF YOU DO 1 and 2 ABOVE. Do NOT wait any further on this. You might still be within the statute of limitations.

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