My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: New Hampshire

I am a college student in NH and was originally renting from a private landlord with five other roommates. Over the summer he sold the property to a rental business that took over the property. During the first few weeks of renting from them they offered for us to sign over to their new lease which was very different from our original. A major problem we have is that their security deposits they ask for are half of what we originally paid with the private landlord. When talking the new lease over they said we could not get the half that they don't require on their lease for a few months after we sign their lease. We are very upset about that being college students and feel like it is unfair. If anyone has some advice on what we could do that would be extremely helpful. It seems very sketchy that they are being so pushy with their lease and forcing us to go over to theirs giving us a deadline to sign theirs also. Along with this another problem we have is that their lease would cut our original lease back by one week with no compensation at all for the loss of week.