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    Default Can You Be Judged by Your Former Prosecutor

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: ohio
    I was placed on probation after my release from a state ran drug rehab center, and I violated the no-contact order that was put in place, now I had to go into court for the violation, an the new judge is the former prosecutor that prosecuted me on my case! Is he allowed to be the judge on my case? Shouldn't he have to give me a change of venue? I thought this would be a conflict of interest since he prosecuted me on this case! This is urgent, as he has already sentenced me to report to jail in 3 days!

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    Default Re: Can You Be Judged by Your Former Prosecutor

    a change of venue? no

    did you file a motion seeking to have him recuse himself?

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    Default Re: Can You Be Judged by Your Former Prosecutor

    Did you raise the issue at the trial or have your lawyer do it? Any judge would likely send you to jail for violating your probation in such a manner. Probation was your chance. You blew it.

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