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    Default Wrong Person is Being Sued

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Wisconsin

    This past May I was involved in a minor car accident because I failed to yield from a parked position. I was driving my.boyfriends moms car and neither my boyfriends mother nor the other woman involved had car insurance but I did. Now the woman is trying to sue me in small claims court for about $3000 but when we received the lawsuit my boyfriends mother was named as the defendant not me. We're very unsure of what the procedure is when this type of incedent occurs. Please help!

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    As the owner of the car, she bares some liability for its use. If you had insurance, why did they not pay the claim?

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    Default Re: Wrong Person is Being Sued

    It may be that they named the owner by mistake. It may be that they're proceeding with a negligent entrustment claim against the owner. If you're not named as a party, odds are it's a mistake, but there's no way for us to investigate that for you. She can read the complaint to see what acts she is alleged to have committed - if she's described as the driver, there you go.

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