My question involves child support in the State of: California

When my girlfriend and I split up we decided to use a child support calculator to determine support. At the time she was working 8-10 hours a week and we had our son in child care once a week. I paid 100% of shared bills and 75% of childcare. We decided that it was time to get our own places and had to take another look at how we calculated childcare expenses. She now increased his child care to 4 days a week (9am-4pm) but still works the same hours. She uses the extra time to take online classes, work on starting a business, go to the gym, etc. Since the cost of daycare increased but her income remained the same, the child support calculator now has me paying about 40% more. This just doesn't seem fair. If she were working during the days she added to the calculator, support would have been adjusted accordingly. But since she is not earning anything during that time it seems like I'm getting the short end of the stick. If he is in day care 1 day a week, and I watch him two evenings and all day Saturday, it seems like she should have ample time to get in her 8-10 hours a week. So what do i do?

1. Switch him to 1 day a week day care until she has more hours to work and return to the old payment schedule?
2. Only enter the cost of one day a week day care into the calculator and let her absorb the extra cost?
3. Is there a way to calculate/predict what her income should be based on what she makes now times the free hours she gets from day care which I could apply?