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    Default How to Evict an Adult Child

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Florida

    My 20 year old daughter was evicted from her house that she was renting in July of 2013. I told her she could stay here for a month until she could save money for another place to live. Within a couple of weeks of moving in my house my daughter quit her job and has made no effort to find another job. She knew moving in here she was to give me 50 dollars a week which she did for one week. My daughter also has extreme anger issues and has drug problems. I live in this house with my Dad and we own the home together. My dad is 84 and I am his caregiver. I can no longer tolerate my daughter living here. What do I need to do to evict her?

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    Default Re: I'm Trying to Find Out the Pr.ocess of Evicting an Adult Child

    The first step is to write an eviction notice and deliver it to your daughter demanding that she vacate the property within a set time frame, say 72 hours.

    If she fails to leave the property, you need to go to the county courthouse and file a Summons and Complaint, which is filed with the court. The court will serve the notice via a process server on your daughter. It will notify her that she has a timeframe to move out or 5 days to respond.

    If she fails to respond/move out, an eviction judgement will be entered and you can call the police to forcibly remove her from the property.

    If she responds, then you both go to court on the specified date and argue over the tenancy.

    Unfortunately, its not an overnight type of thing and can take some time to do. Hopefully she gets the picture after the first letter and leaves on her own. Good luck.

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    Default Re: How to Evict an Adult Child

    Thanks I appreciate the info.

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    Default Re: How to Evict an Adult Child

    do NOT issue a pay or quit notice. That would allow her to pay the demand and the rent agreement remains intact. Terminate the tenancy first and then, if you end up in court or want to chase her for a judgment, seek a judgement after she has vacated.

    while you could still terminate the tenancy, it would just confuse the issue. Make it clear; OUT

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