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    Default Paying Medical Expenses for at Fault Driver

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Washington

    In September of last year my dad was involved in a collision, and there is no question that the other driver was at fault. My dad's car was totaled and he missed a month of work, subsequently receiving some physical therapy and accumulating other medical bills. During that time he also hired a lawyer to deal with the other driver's insurance company.

    Fast forward to today, the lawyer calls up my dad and informs him that the at fault driver has also received some sort of medical treatment after the accident, and that according to law my dad may be responsible for as much as 50% of the cost for that treatment (with the guys insurance covering the rest). Can that really be true, or is our lawyer incompetent? We're all scratching our heads, trying to understand how the guy who caused the accident is entitled to any payment from the driver he injured. I'd appreciate any advice and legal insight.

    My dad changed his insurance company in the last few months, should he contact his old insurance provider and ask for their advice?

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    Default Re: Paying Medical Expenses for at Fault Driver

    Your father would need to talk to his lawyer to figure out why his lawyer disagrees with your belief that he bears no fault for the accident. We don't have any of the relevant facts, so we're not in a position to second-guess. One way or another, one would expect that this claim would have been made through your father's insurance. He can verify with his lawyer or the insurance company that covered the accident as to whether a claim has been made.

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