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    Default How Long Does the Grand Jury Process Take

    My question involves criminal law for the state of TN

    The police wrote a complaint for a felony. I was arrested and saw the magistrate judge who set bond. I went to a preliminary hearing a few weeks later where I asked for a speedy trial and pled not guilty. That judge bound the case to the grand jury. I am out on bond now and it has been a month.

    How long does it take to be indicted? Do my rights to a speedy trial start when I was initially arrested or do they start after I am indicted? I think the DA wants to wait as long as he can before putting the paperwork before the grand jury because they know I am unemployed because of the charge. They know the charge will be dismissed at trial, but want to make me suffer. I just want to get the court process started asap.

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    Default Re: How Long Does the Grand Jury Process Take

    Tennessee grand juries typically serve three month terms, so if your case has been submitted to a grand jury that has already been empaneled you can anticipate that you will find out if they issued an indictment by the end of its term.

    The Tennessee Supreme Court's position appears is that speedy trial rights are triggered either by grand jury indictment or by "the actual restraints imposed by arrest and holding to answer a criminal charge". Court of Appeals rulings indicate that such restraint exists during the time a defendant is released on bond.

    It would be sensible to discuss the details of your case with a criminal defense lawyer.

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