I received notice from Wolpoff & Abramson that I am being sued in District Court (in PA) for a debt that Palisades was assigned to them through Chase Bank. I've never done business with them, the only thing I can think it would be for is a Bank One account from over 4 years ago, but to my knowledge it was paid in full and closed in good standing.

I've never received any phone calls, and only one letter that was not sent certified or anything, just on W&A letterhead that said 'this is an attemp to collect a debt', it gave that they were the assignee and an amount. It did not have anything on it saying that I had a right to dispute within 30 days. I had never heard of them before so I didn't do anything, now I'm being sued.

I filed a counterclaim against them for not giving me the right to dispute under Section 809 of FDCPA. Do you think this will hold up?

Are they allowed to discuss other items on my credit report at this hearing? What can I do to prepare? Please help.