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    Default What Does Issue Disposition Mean for a Court Hearing

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oklahoma

    What does it mean that there's an "Issue Disposition" on a motion to accelerate [1 year deferred sentence] after months of "no issue disposition"? Also, the public defender requested to be removed from the case - why would that happen?
    The charge is POSSESSION OF PRECURSOR SUBSTANCE for which there was a guilty plea but the terms of the deferrment have not been upheld (fines unpaid, positive drug tests).

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    Default Re: What is an Issue Disposition Date

    In general terms, a "no issue disposition" date reflects that there is nothing for the court to decide on that date. For example, if you indicated at an arraignment that you wanted to enter into a plea bargain, the court would schedule a "no issue disposition" date instead of a trial.

    A motion to accelerate asks the court to move up the sentencing date, such that it occurs at an earlier date than was originally scheduled.

    Although we have no way of investigating this for you, and you need to talk to your lawyer, it sounds like the matter was scheduled for a pro forma "no issue disposition" date to occur at the conclusion of the deferral until it was determined that the defendant had violated his probation, and now it's scheduled for an "issue disposition" hearing because the judge is going to have to address the probation violations and potentially either enter the conviction or impose greater penal sanction.

    As for why the lawyer might have filed a request to be removed from the case, once again we have no way of knowing. You can expect that the answer is included in the document the attorney filed with the court in which he requested to be relieved from further duties.

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